Refunds FAQs & Terms and Conditions -

Will I get a refund if I can't come during a lock down? You sure will except the payment processing fee that is collected by our online merchant service provider.

Why don't I get a full refund if there is a lockdown? A. We are charged fees by our booking agent to make bookings online and accept credit cards or PayPal - these aren't refunded to us in a lock down. We choose to exclude the fees/cost from refunds in place of adding a 'lockdown surcharge' to every booking during COVID. 

How much are the fees? - A. This varies by bookings but as a typical example a $180 booking has $11 in credit card and booking fees. A $60 booking has just under $5. 

I'd like to avoid the fees in future - We understand and we recommend booking last minute to hopefully avoid travel disruptions. This does however come with the chance of no availability.