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Check in time? 11am 

Are you pet friendly? - We sure are, pets just have to be under control, generally on leash and not left alone. If your dog bites it will have to immediately leave. 

Are normal cars (2wd) suitable? - Normal cars visit u every day and our tracks while gravel are accessible. 

Drones are not permitted without prior approval which is not usually given when other campers are onsite.

Your phone says you're booked out, are you? - We do book out on weekends usually a few days before the weekend and we change our phone message once we have no availability.

Do you have powered sites? - No sorry, there are USB charging points at the toilet block. Generators are welcome with limited/considerate use during 7am-7pm (no more than 3 hours of use). If you require constant use for any reason (medical included) unfortunately we can't accomodate your needs and you will have to book elsewhere.

Do you have drinking water? We sure do - there are fill up stations around the property.

Are you a good campground for my schoolies, bucks, hens, 18th, 21st etc? No sorry we aren't suitable and don't book party events.

Do I need coins for the showers? Yes $1 coins are required for the showers. 

Is there phone reception? Sure is Telstra and Optus have good coverage Vodafone - limited.

Can my big caravan/RV come? - We welcome some pretty huge rigs every week, there has yet to be a set up that has had a problem on our tracks.

Can I visit for the day? - To keep our grounds peaceful for campers we limit cars and people on site. Get in touch if you wish to visit but generally visits are not available on weekends and limited during the week.

What about fires? - Fires are welcome, (excluding when fire bans restrict them) you may bring your own wood or we sell it at the office. We ask campers to use existing fireplaces and not burn new grass. Be aware of and act to minimise fire danger to their group and others. We have a fire guard available at the office assist in keeping small children away from the fire. Chainsaws are not permitted to be used onsite.

Refunds FAQs & Terms and Conditions around COVID - WE STRONGLY SUGGEST TRAVEL INSURANCE for large bookings to avoid financial loss.

Will I get a refund if I am ordered into isolation?


Normal booking terms and conditions apply. We may elect to provide a credit upon proof of isolation order. However as COVID is the new normal we suggest travel insurance or booking last minute to avoid financial loss.

Will I get a refund or credit if I choose to not come because of a spike in COVID cases?

Normal terms and conditions apply for refund. However as COVID is the new normal we suggest travel insurance or booking last minute to avoid financial loss.

Will I get a refund if I can't come during a lock down? You sure will except the payment processing fee that is collected by our online merchant service provider.

Why don't I get a full refund if there is a lockdown? We are charged fees by our booking agent to make bookings online and accept credit cards or PayPal - these aren't refunded to us in a lock down. We choose to exclude the fees/cost from refunds in place of adding a 'lockdown surcharge' to every booking during COVID. 

How much are the fees? - A. This varies by bookings but as a typical example a $180 booking has $11 in credit card and booking fees. A $60 booking has just under $5. 

I'd like to avoid the fees in future - We understand and we recommend booking last minute to hopefully avoid travel disruptions. This does however come with the chance of no availability. As stated above we also suggest travel insurance to prevent financial loss.

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